Cavs as Therapy Dogs

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Cavaliers make wonderful therapy dogs!


Cavaliers make wonderful therapy dogs due to their intelligence, and friendly and compassionate nature.

Below is a testimonial from Debbie Moore, and a picture of "Harper", the puppy she got from me.  She is the principal of Green Chimney’s School in New York for children with special needs. Green Chimneys is known as the world leader in animal assisted therapy. They have a residential program for children as well as a school for special needs students.

"He is such a love! He couldn't be a sweeter, more well behaved dog. He comes to work with me every day. The students at Green Chimneys just love him. When he and I walk around campus it always goes something like this: "Oh! There's Harper! Hey Harper, how are you boy? Hey Harper! Come here Harper! Oh…..hi Mrs. Moore." I am definitely second fiddle when Harper's on the scene. He has comforted many a student who was upset or frustrated. His calm, gentle nature is just what a lot of our kids need when their day is not going so great. I simply could not love him more than I do."

Article from Dog Fancy magazine

Below is an article about Cavaliers used as therapy dogs, copied from Dog Fancy magazine.